Securing Influence.

Securing Influence.

Incomparable security and risk management within the world's most influential government affairs firms.



A story of trust and security.

Seizing opportunities for digital transformation and ongoing alignment.  Meeting cybersecurity threats head-on.  Delivering best of class solutions which adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape.  Forging and shaping a culture of security.  The business of government affairs is fluid, and no one understands that like Information Systems Integration (ISI).

Client relationships spanning over two decades are uncommon.  Rarer still, to be referred to as the most trusted advisors of those you serve.  Such is the extensive level of trust that ISI has established with our clients over the past twenty-four years.  We continue to earn that trust every day.

Is your firm ready?


Our relationships run deep.

Risk isn’t solely about the potential for loss. It also creates the potential for opportunity. For firms that know how to keep their client data safe and protect their networks, cybersecurity can serve as a business enabler.
— Kenneth Holley, ISI Founder & CEO